Alumni Pie

A comedy about reunion and second chances, Alumni Pie reunites a group of friends, who in college were called "The Magnificent Seven Eight." Now in their 50's, the old gang, each arriving with their own agenda, gathers at crazy Lena's guest house to reminisce and reconnect. From reviving old traditions to modeling bras, "The Magnificent Seven Eight." find a renewed bond through laughter and tears.


At Lena's guest house, Joyce, with a not-so hidden agenda, hosts a reunion for her ol' college friends, who called themselves "The Magnificent Seven Eight." Each of the gang arrives with their own trepidations or plans. Hiding that her business is as bankrupt as her marriage, Nia acts seemingly happy, while outspoken Lucy, a Southern belle business woman who owns a lingerie empire, greets everyone with their bra size. Brooke, a film actress, arrives with the intention of confronting Phil, her old boyfriend and, more recently, lover. Thinking Brooke is not attending, the now monikered Phillip shows up with Jonnie, his young date. Donnie, a landscape architect, arrives with a noticeable limp, the result of an injury from his college years. The final group member, Amanda, a lawyer navigating through her own impending divorce and change of life, shows up way too late for Joyce’s comfort. In the meantime, caftan-clad Lena, uninspired to provide guest services, can't stop singing and Jonnie brings Karson home from a night out on the town. The gang finds laughter and kinship through modeling bras, reenacting a campy college number, and reviving old traditions, all while reconciling past grievances.


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"The play capitalizes on Vasta Folley’s keen sense of humor and her trademark quirky but believable characters to tell a story about the power of human connection."

- The Stowe Reporter

"A crowd-pleasing two hours of theater. The characters in ‘Alumni Pie’ are reunited, and it feels so good."

- The Burlington Free Press



Janet Stambolian and Girls Nite Out Productions inspired the writing of Alumni Pie. Janet, a tenacious, intense, big-hearted, multi-talented woman, was looking for a decent role to play. Roles for women in their 50s and 60s are mighty difficult to find - let alone comic love leads. Vasta Folley began writing Alumni Pie when she created the character of Joyce inspired by Janet. What ensued was a play with female and male characters, who become a band of friends helping Joyce (and Janet) revel in the love of connection, camaraderie, and comedy. 

CAST SIZE -           (Character & Stage Age)
7 Women   (Joyce, Nia, Lucy, Brooke, Amanda - 50s / Lena - 50-60’s / Jonnie - late 20’s)
3 Men   (Phil, Donny - 50’s / Karson - late 20’s)

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