The Family of EWE

Described as “an ode to the bonds of female friendship,” The Family of EWE is a play about women, who despite imperfections and challenges, choose to stand by each other and, when necessary,  stand up to each other as well. A comedy that dives deep on real feelings in between the hilarity of everyday life. It is the story of women who become family - on purpose.


The Seymour Sisters

Two estranged sisters, Eleanor and Cecile, meet to sort through their deceased parents’ belongings, boxes and bins packed with the detritus of another lifetime. As each box is opened, so too is their past as the sisters try to find their way back to each other. A touching, provocative, and often funny look at family, The Seymour Sisters ask what, if anything, we owe our adult sibling relationships.


Pronouncing Glenn

A comedic romp with a giant heart, Pronouncing Glenn looks at life and death through the lens of an unconventional family. With humorous repartee interrupted by madcap antics, a caregiver named Millie goes to crazy lengths to hide a body with only the best of intentions. All the elaborate ruses and schemes come undone as one by one, Dorcus, Ben, Sandra, Thomas, and Boyd learn the truth. 


A comedy about reunion and second chances, Alumni Pie reunites a group of friends, who in college were called "The Magnificent Seven Eight." Now in their 50's, the old gang, each arriving with their own agenda, gathers at crazy Lena's guest house to reminisce and reconnect. From reviving old traditions to modeling bras, "The Magnificent Seven Eight" find a renewed bond through laughter and tears.


The Sleepover ~ A Comedy of Marriage

Mark, a psychotherapist, and Susie, a life coach, hold their first overnight marriage retreat on the top of a mountain in a rustic ski lodge that has seen better days. Arguing from the start, the two attempt to help five other couples improve their relationships. Things go from bad to worse as it turns out Julie, who reluctantly attends the retreat with her long suffering husband Scott, is, in fact, Mark’s former fiancee. 


In Development:

The Replacement Wife
a comedy of love and misunderstanding

After Chrissy
a drama exploring a person's right to die

A Holiday Follies
a comedy review

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